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Easy LDAP access from Java with Spring

The Spring subproject, LDAP Template makes short work of using LDAP in a Java application

A recent project required a Java program to read and write data to an existing Active Directory implementation. I was not looking forward to all of the code that would be required so I did what I usually do; found an open source implementation that does what I need. I generally start shopping at the Spring site. I was not disappointed when I found that LDAP Template is now a subproject of Spring.

If you are familiar with Spring JDBC, this package follows the same pattern. Most of the messy details of connecting to LDAP are externalized to a configuration file and the application code is simple and straightforward. The documentation and example code provided in the download is sufficient for most projects.

This is my kind of solution. Instead of writing yet another LDAP container, I got to leverage a well designed and tested implementation while adding a new tool to my virtual tool box.

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