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Alex Gorbatchev's gift to programmers

The problem of displaying source code on the web is the proverbial reinventing the wheel problem. With so many sites dedicated software development, this is a problem that has been addressed thousands of times. Every solution required the site's users to become familiar with a new approach. The latest version of Alex Gorbatchev's SyntaxHighlighter comes close to a universal solution and has gained wide acceptance. Not only is this an open source solution, there is a hosted version of the scripts that is suitable for low volume web sites. Here is how you can use it on your site.


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Collection Bean in Spring

Another easy task that can seem hard

A task that seems to come up fairly often is creating a bean that is a collection. We have covered how to create a collection property and now we will show just how easy it is to create a collection bean.


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Simple Machine Forum tip - recover from screwing up a theme

You have turned on support for SOME FEATURE, but it doesn't seem the mod is actually installed!

If you manage Simple Machines Forums and do any amount of customization, you are bound to mess up a theme to the point that you can't access any pages. Don't panic, you don't have to hack the database to change the theme values to their defaults. You simply need to use a different theme.

Here is how. Simply add "?theme=1" to your URl:

Then you can edit the values of the theme you were working on. This only works if you are not altering the default theme. For this reason, if you are going to make changes to the default theme, make a copy and change that version.

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